your engagement session

Engagement sessions are so much fun! During the engagement session, we will have the chance to get to know each other more and you can experience how I work with you in regard to posing and how I shoot. This session will be tremendously helpful as you prepare for your wedding day because I'll know how you interact as a couple, what the best poses are and what the best way to photograph you in a genuine way! You'll feel like such a pro on your wedding day because all the practice to be had during your engagement session. 

Because my weekends are filled with weddings, I shoot engagements on weekday evenings, anywhere from 3-7 PM, depending on the time of year. I love it when my couples have a location in mind that is special or sentimental to them, but I have several options to suggest should you need a little help which you can read about below. 

We'll begin about two hours  prior to sunset and shoot until the sun goes down. Since the sun dictates our time together, it's extremely important to begin our session on time so I can provide you with the full experience. Should you run late, I'm happy to accommodate, but please know our time together will be limited. I kindly ask that we all prepare to arrive ahead of the scheduled time so we can begin on time.

What to wear

  • COORDINATE, BUT DON'T MATCH  |  try to choose outfits and accessories that coordinate with each other rather than look matchy-matchy
  • NUMBER OF OUTFITS  |  plan to bring about 2-3 outfits for the session. One that is more dressy and then another that's a bit casual (no t-shirts, though!). Accessories like scarves or hats are always great! 
  • BE COMFORTABLE  |  my number one rule is wear something you're comfortable in. If you don't feel great in what you're wearing, it will come through in the photos. 
  • WHAT TO AVOID  |  it's best to avoid clothing that appears too trendy, anything with large patterns or colors that are super contrasty. 
  • WHAT TO STICK WITH  |  classic/timeless styles, colors that are somewhat neutral, and dresses for ladies. Even for the casual outfit, I suggest a skirt/blouse combo or a more casual dress. Many of my couples opt for softer, muted toned colors and it photographs extremely well. Layers, a statement piece of jewelry and a nice pair of heels or shoes are great! A long, flowy dress will always photograph well and typically looks great no matter the setting. Cocktail dresses are great for a downtown session and button up shirts with jackets or sweaters are great for the guys. 
  • HAIR + MAKEUP  |  time and time again, I find that my brides are most comfortable in front of the camera when they've had their hair and makeup professionally done, but if you opt to do it yourself, plan to put more makeup on than you'd usually wear. A bold lip with a bit more blush is a great way to accomplish this and false lashes are a great way to go! Always wear a powder over your makeup to set it, and also help keep it matte. Gentlemen, don't forget to indulge yourself as well and think about getting a nice shave and haircut prior to the session.


  • Bringing a  'Thank You' or 'Save the Date' sign for personalized save the dates or thank you cards are always welcomed! 
  • Anything that is fun and reflects your style (could be coffee mugs, maybe it's a great blanket or guitar). I'm always a fan of champagne and flutes to toast or even creating a picnic scene to photograph! 
  • Anything special to you and your relationship (I've had couples bring their dogs, their love letters they wrote each other over several years while they were apart)



  • Griffith Observatory
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • Downtown LA rooftop - Perch, The Standard
  • Solstice Canyon; Malibu
  • LA County Aboretum ($50 permit fee)
  • El Matador State Beach; Malibu
  • Malibu Creek State Park
  • Union Station or Grand Central Market
  • Venice Canals
  • Manhattan Beach Pier or Santa Monica Pier
  • Pasadena Courthouse
  • Echo Park
  • Arts District


  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Downtown Palm Springs



  • Willow Canyon; Laguna Beach
  • The Wedge; Newport Beach
  • Laguna Beach/Downtown Laguna
  • Crystal Cove
  • Abalone Cove; Palos Verdes
  • San Juan Capistrano Mission
  • Peters Canyon
  • Balboa Peninsula; Newport Beach
  • Victoria Beach; Laguna Beach


  • Balboa Park
  • Sunset Cliffs
  • Coronado Beach
  • Scripps Pier
  • Leo Carrillo Ranch


Pasadena City Hall Engagement